15 Minutes to Better Website Accessibility

The 17th issue of the NTEN: Change journal is out, focusing on “Digital Inclusion and Technical Divides.” This issue covers a range of perspectives from those at the forefront of bridging the digital divide: schools, libraries, city governments, and nonprofit organizations. Subscribe & download the March 2015 issue: www.nten.org/ntenchange

15 Minutes to Better Website Accessibility

By Wiebke Herding, Managing Director, ON:SUBJECT Communications; Editorial Board, NTEN: Change Journal

Though estimates vary, most studies find that about one in five people have some kind of disability. Some of them are in severe need of assistance, for others small adjustments can make a big difference. This way, the Internet has become an essential tool for communication and empowerment for many people with disabilities in the past decade. Making websites more accessible does not have to be difficult, and often has surprising benefits. Take this 3-step accessibility audit to see how accessible your website is, and get tips to improve it.

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15 Minutes to Better Website Accessibility
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