Believe it or not: you already have fans.

Your fans are the people who really get what you are up to. The donor that will jump through loops to find money for you in his budget. The member that will renew his membership no matter what. The expert who says ‘yes’ the instant you invite her to your event. The guy who responds to every newsletter. Your staff. Your friends. Maybe even your mom.

The best news: you already know their names and email addresses.
All you need to do is to collect them.

Fans are great: They love hearing from you, they want to stay connected and help you out. Because they align with your mission, you’re doing them a favour if you do your best work, tell them about it and ask them to pitch in.

Want ideas and advice? Ask your fans.
Want your new report to be read widely? Ask them to help you circulate it.
Need a volunteer to pitch in? Ask them for recommendations.

The more you adore your fan club, the more they adore you back.

How are you giving your fans a special role in your communications strategy?

Cultivate your fan club
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