• Instead of doing everything yourself, why not get a group of people together to come up with a solution?
  • Instead of working towards a fixed outcome, why not work towards a fixed launch date?
  • Instead of adding one more project to your busy schedule, why not clear your schedule to focus on one thing only?
  • Instead of creating in secret, why not share your interim results – and get feedback along the way?
  • Instead of researching the perfect solution, why not work with what you know, right now?
  • Instead of being reasonable and realistic, why not try your hand at a big, hairy audacious goal?
  • Instead of using the first idea you have, why not come up with plenty – and putting most aside?

Maybe it’s time to try something new.

I’m excited and apprehensive at the same time, preparing for the Powered by Nature workshop next week. Within four short days, our task will be to develop, implement and launch a social media campaign. We, in this case, is a group of 11 young people from six countries who have not worked together before. The task feels impossible, but then, one of our guidelines is that the solution is already in the room – and all we need to do is to discover it.

We will try something new.
Will you join us?

Experiments in Project Management
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