I do it occasionally, and it always makes me feel uncomfortable. There’s all that effort of setting up the equipment and afterwards something’s not quite right with the results. The lighting might be off, or too much background noise on the recording. But mostly: I am afraid that I might not get useful responses from the people I’m interviewing, spend hours sifting through results and then have to reshoot the whole thing. Text is just so much more flexible.

Nevertheless, as a means of announcing the next ON:SUBJECT Masterclass I’ve made a video. Click below for a minute or two of me explaining why nonprofits (and other worldchanging organizations) can benefit from learning how to produce video.

If you’re interested in training on the subject, you should check out the

Masterclass: Video for Social Change
26-27 April 2012 in Brussels, Belgium

The early bird discount closes on 31 March.

Have you ever used video in your work?
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