In between doing

I wrote this in February; and it was just published in Paula’s Beyond the Field of Stars Zine. It’s on my desk at the moment – I need the reminder.

There’s a you-shaped hole in the universe, they say.
This purpose becomes a responsibility: Better live up to it.

Step in, like superwoman: This way to solve humanity’s problems.
It’s no big deal – just take on the pain of this world.

Tread carefully here. Nothing is ever enough when trying to save the earth.
Whatever you do, you will fail. The more you give, the greater your shortcomings.

Work it harder. Make it better. Do it faster.
Asking for help is a waste of time.

In between doing, there’s doubt. With so many options, what’s the right path?
How much do I need to push to achieve a breakthrough?
And: will you love me?

Pausing, I seek stillness. I connect.
Honestly: How does the world look like that I want to be living in?

A radical thought: that maybe, possibly, I can start where I am. This can be enough.
By opting out of the hamster wheel of should, I am making the world a better place.

It will take a while,
But it will be beautiful

In between doing

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