Quick tips for effective feedback

DSC_0023Feedback was an important element in the Powered by Nature workshop at the end of August. Participants gave each other feedback, and we also received lots of good feedback from external parties. In the end, it was this good feedback that develop the Better in the Dark campaign.

Edward, my co-facilitator and I, chose not to teach about feedback – instead, we gathered the following tips after a focused conversation with participants:

  • Talk first about the positives, then about areas for improvement.
  • Talk about the performance, not the person – don’t make it personal.
  • Choose a supportive tone, not an aggressive one.
  • Be honest, share your own observations.
  • Ask first – create a container for feedback.
  • Turn feedback into a conversation.

What did we miss?

Quick tips for effective feedback
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2 thoughts on “Quick tips for effective feedback

  • 19 September 2014 at 12:53

    Parking Lot. (or bicycle rack as another facilitator from PPP called it)
    If you have an idea which pops up, but does not fit into feedback structures, write it down calmly and pin it on the parking lot. It doesn’t get forgotten, it stays around for later


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