Being a good public speaker is one thing, but what does it take to become an excellent trainer?

Speechworks Workshop: From Speaker to Trainer
Wednesday, 13 June, 19:00-22:00
Brussels, Belgium

Monique Blokzyl and Wiebke Herding – both highly experienced trainers – will be our guides. Memorable and effective training sessions will be no mystery by the end of this workshop.

In our interactive and fun workshop you will experience how to

  • focus your training on precisely what your trainees need to learn, i.e. determine training objectives;
  • choose the most powerful training methods to not only make your audience smarter, but to get them to do things differently after the training;
  • select the most impactful facilitative techniques, including how to handle challenging behaviour during your training; and
  • know if your training was successful.

This workshop does not require any previous training experience. It is masterfully crafted to involve future trainers and current training experts alike – we are offering you a powerful mixture from training basics to powerful techniques new to the training world.

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From Speaker to Trainer

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