I help people and organizations that want to change the world. That’s what I do.
Not all of this is in big, billable projects. Sometimes, I just like to sit together with someone, review their project, brainstorm some ideas, develop an action plan or play with their messaging. You can call it coaching, consulting or coffee. Sometimes even hands-on implementation. In any case: It’s sometimes hard to name a price.

I’ve thus decided to experiment with a system that the Dutch call Waardebepaling Acteraf (roughly: perceived-value pricing). The short version: If I’ve given you the link to this page, you are invited to determine the value of my services to you – and pay what you want.

I’ve made you a shiny button to make that as easy as possible:

If you prefer a bank transfer, you can use:

International: IBAN DE77430609674017898900, BIC GENODEM1GLS
Germany: Bank Account 4017898900, Bank ID 43060967 (GLS Bank)

Of course, there are plenty of things more valuable than money. You might want to have a look at the ridiculously long list of books I want to read. Or think of other ways you can support an aspiring entrepreneur and ON:SUBJECT. Leave a loving recommendation on LinkedIn. Tell all your friends about the good stuff we do.

Honestly: Thanks.