Need to talk? Let’s grab some coffee.
We’ll probably use Skype – exceptionally we might meet in a café in the Jordaan.

What we’d talk about? 

Your favourite topic, of course: How to save the world with ease, grace and joy.

You have this idea that you are working on: a website you want to launch, a new career to explore, a project that doesn’t really get off the ground. You keep humming and ahhing, but you don’t quite have answers to your questions. You know that you could probably figure it out if you could talk it over with someone. Brainstorm a few ideas, think out loud and get some feedback.

Let’s put our heads together.

It might be that all you need is practical advice, some down-to-earth ideas to get your message across or a few pointers to tools that would solve your dilemma. It might be that you want to talk strategy. Or you need help overcoming resistance – your own or that of your organization. Most of the time, it’s a combination.

Topics could be:

  • How to get your website done without breaking the bank
  • Making sense of social media
  • Building a fan club for your project
  • How to have an impact and have a life
  • Designing events that actually lead to results
  • Identifying a long-term direction for your career

and in general how to have fun while making this world a better place.

I’ll bring a decade of campaign planning and communications strategy experience, a good deal of technophilia and the magic box of coaching tools I’ve learned from Barbara Sher.

Wiebke helped me get my business off the ground. She’s a very competent coach who works in inspiring and creative ways. She understood exactly what I needed to achieve my goals.

Christian Zirnig 

How this works

Think of it as coaching, brainstorming and advice all thrown into one. When we first meet, we’ll spend a good deal of time understanding your current situation and figuring out where you want to be. We’ll look at various angles and options to get you the clarity you need. When we’re done, you’ll have concrete next steps that take you closer to your goal.

What you get

  • 60 minute conversation to help you move forward
  • An mp3 recording of the conversation for reference
  • An email summary of our session including links to recommended resources and next steps

Introductory Offer: 60 EUR for a single session
Package Offer: 200 EUR for four sessions

When you sign up, you will receive an email to schedule your session(s) with me. You can reschedule without charge until 48 hours before your sessions. Packages need to be used within three months of purchase.