Facilitation: Strategy Retreats for Digital Rights Activists

2011-today | FoeBuD et al.

So many interesting projects and working groups that there’s hardly any time to tweet – padeluun 

Net neutrality, data retention laws and privacy – Germany’s digital rights activists are a busy bunch in their efforts to protect civil rights online. They also value freedom of expression and democracy when working together in grassroots networks. 

In 2011, ON:SUBJECT designed and facilitated two open strategy retreats for a coalition of activists. Using a fluid agenda, we reviewed past developments and successes, shared updates on the current state of play before we launched into a colourful jamboree of barcamp style workshops – with a twist: The resulting campaign ideas were immediately pitched to the rest of the group. We then developed a more detailed project plan for the best of them and went home with plenty of work, but also plenty of alignment and support.

What a great way of bringing together old hounds and new faces! I’m absolutely impressed by amount of work that got done this weekend. – Participant

Report: AKtiVCongreZ February 2011 at AK Vorrat (German)
Invitation: AKtiVCongreZ October 2011 at Netzpolitik.org (German)

Facilitation: Strategy Retreats for Digital Rights Activists
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