Workshop: The Art of Marketing Facilitation

2014-10-03 15.07.072014 | International Association of Facilitators

This workshop for the IAF Conference “Facilitation Reloaded” in Copenhagen was designed to help facilitators (and other professional change makers) build connection to potential clients in order to do more of their best work – and increase their impact:

What is your niche? Are you finding clients that are making the best use of your superpowers? Is it time to step up your marketing game so that you can do more of your best work?

For many of us, marketing feels like a necessary evil, even icky at times. In this workshop you will learn to approach marketing in line with your values so that the right clients and projects can find you – and say 'hell yeah' to hiring you.

Marketing is about building the bridge between you and your potential clients. Through carefully designed activities, you can build trust over time so that when the other person comes across a problem that needs your specific skillset, they know whom to call.

Click here to download the free worksheets (pdf) from the workshop.

Download the worksheets

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    Workshop: The Art of Marketing Facilitation
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