LogoIn the coming three years, ON:SUBJECT will support the EU-funded project “hackAIR: Collective awareness platform for outdoor air pollution”. The overall objective of hackAIR is to develop and pilot test an open platform that will enable communities of citizens to easily set up air quality monitoring networks and engage their members in measuring and publishing outdoor air pollution levels, leveraging the power of online social networks, mobile and open hardware technologies, and engagement strategies. The hackAIR platform will be co-created with the users in order to ensure that the developed solution results in a more democratic participation of citizens in measuring and understanding air quality.

ON:SUBJECT is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation of the hackAIR activities results and the platform sustainability strategy. Other partners include Draxis Environmental Technologies, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Friends of the Earth Germany and the iMinds institute at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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