Project: Learning for Change Dialogues

Principles_for_effective_learning2014-2015 | International Climate Fund / DFID

The UK’s International Climate Fund was set up to help developing countries adapt to climate change, take up low-carbon growth and tackle deforestation.

However, we are not making fast enough progress; there are neither international treaties or binding commitments nor sufficient action on the ground. Estimates say that we need to double our rate of innovation and act in order to meet the challenge.

The Learning for Change Dialogues explore how learning can help us improve institutional effectiveness in the context of climate change and policy making for the International Climate Fund (ICF) and beyond.

After the first two months, we published a booklet with some initial emerging thoughts on effective institutional learning as a response to climate change. We are committed to continue learning and we are inviting you to join us in this process. Explore with us:

How can we best enable effective learning to accelerate impactful change around climate change investments and policy?

Download the Learning for Change Booklet

Principles for effective learning

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Project: Learning for Change Dialogues

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