Participatory Strategic Planning

Participatory_strategic_planning_in_a_nutshell__facilitationParticipatory Strategic Planning (PSP) is a consensus-oriented process that helps an organization, network or community come together in developing a strategic approach for the next few years.

Part of the suite of processes called Technology of Participation, Participatory Strategic Planning consists of four stages:

  • First, the group determines their vision for the future of the organisation or community.
  • Second, they describe the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their vision.
  • In the third stage they move on to agree methods that will help them get past the obstacles and reach the vision.
  • The final stage is about implementation planning e.g. ‘What shall we do in the first year?’, and finally, ‘What shall we do in detail in the first 3 months?’

Depending on the context, we might add some work on the context, mission and/or values before starting the planning process.

ON:SUBJECT offers Participatory Strategic Planning in collaboration with the Institut für Partizipation und Demokratie (ipd).

Participatory Strategic Planning

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