Website: Accreditation made accessible

2011 | Accreditation Services International

ASI is now well positioned to communicate its activities as an independent verification services provider. The new website provides pertinent, comprehensive and timely information about ASI’s activities, accredited certification bodies and assessments. – Sam Ponder, Managing Director, Accreditation Services International

Behind the scenes, accreditation bodies ensure that labels like FSC, MSC and Rainforest Alliance are regularly verified by competent, unbiased, independent certification bodies. This work gives them an unmatched insight into the global realities of sustainability standards systems. What a pity then if this knowledge remains inaccessible!

Throughout 2011, ON:SUBJECT worked with Accreditation Services International to transition their previous static website to a dynamic information hub driven by the open source content management system WordPress.

Once more I would like to express that I am extremely happy with the launch of your new website. It is great!!! Good job! – Supply Chain Manager, Marine Stewardship Council

Website: Accreditation made accessible

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