Get things done with ease.

You have great ideas – but they never seem to materialize? Everybody was energized after the meeting – but nothing ever happened with the results? Implementing this project will require the involvement of new collaborators, multiple departments or volunteers?

Getting help with project management can make a big difference.


What we do

  • Project planning – Together with you, we develop meaningful objectives, milestones, budgets and indicators, be it to meet funding requirements or to give you the tools to get started.

  • Knowledge management – Projects are constantly evolving. We set up the systems you need to stay on top of things – and provide transparency across the team.

  • Project teams – We help you develop clear roles and responsibilities, transparent decision-making processes and generative interactions to create effective project teams.

  • Project coaching – There’s an art to moving a project along towards completion. We accompany projects and facilitate project teams using agile and other collaborative approaches.

In addition to classic project management, we work with agile project management approaches and are certified as a “ScrumMaster“.


What we’ve done

hackAIR: citizen science and open hardware

hackAIR: citizen science and open hardware

In the coming three years, ON:SUBJECT will support the EU-funded project “hackAIR: Collective awareness platform for outdoor air pollution”. The overall objective of hackAIR is to develop and pilot test an open platform that will enable communities of citizens to easily set up air quality monitoring networks and engage their members in measuring and publishing outdoor air pollution levels, leveraging the power of online social networks, mobile and open hardware technologies, and […]

Project: Changemakers Forward

Project: Changemakers Forward

2014-2015 | Changemakers Forward

Changemakers Forward is an online community for, by and about being changemakers, supporting each other to thrive and sustain our mission to make the world a better place.

Like many others, we’ve always loved making a difference. Too often this meant traveling a path that doesn’t exist yet. It’s hard to know where to start or how to have what it takes to follow through.

Together we can change this: Through […]

Report: Technology Innovations for Sustainability Standards

Report: Technology Innovations for Sustainability Standards

2015 | ISEAL Alliance

Today’s sustainability standards systems are challenged to keep up with a rapidly evolving technological landscape. While the corporate world has learned to integrate data flows across global supply chains, most standards systems are lagging behind. This report explores the relevance of current trends in technology to sustainability standards – from mobile data collection and the internet of things, to open data and blockchains – and proposes […]