Quick tips for effective feedback

Quick tips for effective feedback

Feedback was an important element in the Powered by Nature workshop at the end of August. Participants gave each other feedback, and we also received lots of good feedback from external parties. In the end, it was this good feedback that develop the Better in the Dark campaign.

Edward, my co-facilitator and I, chose not to teach about feedback – instead, we gathered the following tips after a focused conversation […]

When writing is hard

Ever been in this situation? The more important the thing is that you want to write, the harder it becomes. You start avoiding it, doing endless research, falling into the vortex of the internet. Instead of even opening the document, you’re suddenly busy with everything else. In the end you wonder where all that time went. If there’s a deadline, you might write something you’re not happy with. If […]

Model: Three Steps for Target Audience Engagement

Last weekend at the Transition Network Conference, R. asked me: “Can you give me the low-down of good communications in a minute? Our group is not doing so well at communicating.” We then got separated, and I promised to send him the link to a blog post about my favourite communications model. As it turns out, that blog post wasn’t written yet, so here we go.

Have you ever used video in your work?

I do it occasionally, and it always makes me feel uncomfortable. There’s all that effort of setting up the equipment and afterwards something’s not quite right with the results. The lighting might be off, or too much background noise on the recording. But mostly: I am afraid that I might not get useful responses from the people I’m interviewing, spend hours sifting through results and then have to reshoot the […]

Cultivate your fan club

Believe it or not: you already have fans.

Your fans are the people who really get what you are up to. The donor that will jump through loops to find money for you in his budget. The member that will renew his membership no matter what. The expert who says ‘yes’ the instant you invite her to your event. The guy who responds to every newsletter. Your staff. Your friends. Maybe […]

5 essential elements for your communications kit

Some of my clients have it all: They are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. They run their own online community. They have a blog. When I speak to them, they are so overworked that their main question is: “How can we automate all this?”

Others are just starting out, and are overwhelmed by all the platforms and possibilities out there. How can they decide where to place their energy?

The pause and the ritual

How did it get so busy again? September has only just started, and I’m already in the middle of the roller coaster: Sketching a project plan for a client’s rebranding, training a group of future sustainability leaders in campaign strategy, debugging a database, discussing the last bits of preparation for next week’s Sustainability Communications Masterclass. Another week goes by without an update to you, my folks.

Does this sound familiar?

You are not your target audience

It’s always easy to assume that just because you like something and you would feel inspired to take action, others would feel the same. Here’s a hint: People vary.

It took me a while to understand that my main target audience at my first big job were middle-aged, self-important workaholic men, and they loved different things than I did. Instead of in-jokes for the initiated that work so well in young-ish […]

Points of Conflict around Ecolabels

Every now and then, there’s an outcry about an ecolabel. “FSC certified forests are clearcut in Sweden”, complains a TV report [1]. “The Atlantic Pollack fishery is deteriorating despite certification”, warn scientists [2]. “Child labour can be found on Fairtrade certified farms”, claim critics [3].

A systemic problem? No, quite the contrary. The stories above are examples of standards systems in action – and of their specific communications challenges.