Still certified: Lessons from the world of facilitation

Still certified: Lessons from the world of facilitation

How do you know that a facilitator is good? Apart from observing them personally, you can look at the International Association of Facilitators’ Competency Framework. As a IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, I am required to show how these competencies are developing in my work and recertify my skills every three years. One part of that process is an essay about lessons learned in the past years.

You can find a […]

When training is broken

When training is broken

The other day, I made an offhand comment on Facebook, stating that “‘training’ is a broken model for learning and behaviour change”. Tom immediately challenged me to explain.

Of course, this statement is a gross generalisation – and I’m convinced that there’s plenty of brilliant training in this world. So, let’s maybe consider a different question:


When is ‘training’ a broken model for learning and behaviour change?

Transformation, Innovation and Diversity: Exploring a Leadership Approach to International Cooperation

“We’re here to create something new”, Brigitta opened the GIZ Innovation Lab on 2-3 November. The invitation had spoken of innovative solutions for global challenges, and of pioneers that lead the way forward. The space was beautifully decorated and encouraging, the participants from all corners of the world. “This is a journey, and we’re here to explore”, she continued. “There’s only one rule: There are no rules.”

The implicit agenda: inspire […]

Learning from master facilitators

“Let me know how it goes; I’ve been too chicken to try myself so far”, one of my mentors remarked after giving me feedback on my application to be certified as a Professional Facilitator (CPF). I was chicken, too, as I travelled to Geneva for the assessment day. “Please assume that the certification event will run from 8 AM until as late as 7 PM”, read the invitation. Intimidating […]

Lessons Learned: Building an Online Community

The idea sounds so irresistible: Let’s build an online platform where our members and partners can share experiences, learn from each other and collaborate! In practice it can be a lot more difficult.

Building ISEAL‘s online community has been an incredible learning experience. When we started the process in January 2009, all we had was a list of required functionality (wiki! blogs! groups!) and a budget that needed to be spent […]