Experiments in Project Management

Instead of doing everything yourself, why not get a group of people together to come up with a solution?
Instead of working towards a fixed outcome, why not work towards a fixed launch date?
Instead of adding one more project to your busy schedule, why not clear your schedule to focus on one thing only?
Instead of creating in secret, why not share your interim results – and get feedback along the way?
Instead of […]

Question Time: I really don’t get Twitter – should I?

At yesterday’s online communications question time, we came to speak about Twitter. Here’s what I heard:

“Everybody tells me to use Twitter, but I can’t figure out how to make it useful.”

“I get so many Tweets and I feel really overwhelmed.”

“All I do is to broadcast whenever I’ve published a new article, but that doesn’t seem to have an impact.”

Technology is easy, content is hard.

“I’m doing this project”, she said to me as we met for coffee, “and now I need a website and a blog, and I need to figure out all this social media stuff, and I’m completely overwhelmed.”

Facebook! Twitter! LinkedIn! Blogs! Everybody tells us that online marketing is important, and that we’re doomed to fail if we don’t show up in all these places. At the same time, everybody around us […]

5 essential elements for your communications kit

Some of my clients have it all: They are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. They run their own online community. They have a blog. When I speak to them, they are so overworked that their main question is: “How can we automate all this?”

Others are just starting out, and are overwhelmed by all the platforms and possibilities out there. How can they decide where to place their energy?

A Twitter Tale

Once upon a time there was a small, but worthy organization. Its work ranged across continents and issues, involving big businesses and small, governmental institutions, civil society and a bunch of specialist consultants. It wanted to be the leading expert in its field, but the field was so vast and the thought of getting a complete picture was so overwhelming that all its monitoring efforts had ground to a halt.

At […]