Report: Technology Innovations for Sustainability Standards

Report: Technology Innovations for Sustainability Standards

2015 | ISEAL Alliance

Today’s sustainability standards systems are challenged to keep up with a rapidly evolving technological landscape. While the corporate world has learned to integrate data flows across global supply chains, most standards systems are lagging behind. This report explores the relevance of current trends in technology to sustainability standards – from mobile data collection and the internet of things, to open data and blockchains – and proposes […]

Standards, labels, certification, oh my!

Next to the Euro crisis and the emergence of new social movements worldwide, one topic stood out during the open space at last week’s Zukunftspiloten reunion: Understanding ecolabels.

Many of the assembled environmentalists and campaigners had mentioned their reliance on organic, fairtrade and other certified products in their attempts to live a responsible lifestyle – and were glad when Sönke and I offered to answer some questions.

Kick start your sustainability programme

“We’re only just getting started”, explained the manager of the large-ish Belgian company. They had recently introduced measures to cut paper consumption in their offices, promote reusable mugs and considered a move to Fair Trade coffee. “How can we take our employees along for these sustainability efforts?”

Had they considered setting an objective, I asked. Certainly, employees would be more likely to engage if they saw that the company is serious […]

Lost for words

Words are important. They “provide the mental structures that shape the way we see the world”, to say it with Lakoff. We use words in groups and conversations to make meaning.

Yet, I’m sensing a profound discomfort with many of the words we are using in the sustainability space. We were certainly lost for words at Thursday’s conversation on “CSR & Sustainable Development”.