Consultation Management, revisited

More than two years ago, I wrote a post titled “Wanted: A Consultation Management System for Sustainability Standards” in which I described how technology could support the mandatory stakeholder engagement and consultation processes in sustainability standards.

Yesterday, I found myself researching available options to manage a consultation for a new sustainability standard. It turns out, not much has changed:

Project: Powered by Nature

Project: Powered by Nature

2012-2013 | IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and Alcoa Foundation

Powered by Nature is an award programme for European communications students to co-create a social media campaign on energy and nature. The award winners participated in a 5-day retreat on 26-30 August in Starnmeer, the Netherlands during which they co-created the social media campaign Better in the Dark. 

A conversation is a conversation, even online

Yes, this was a first, and it was an experiment. A few weeks ago, the GIZ Leadership Lab attracted nearly thirty participants from all corners of the world. We had invited them to a co-creation session for a leadership approach for global sustainability – and we had invited them to join us from the comfort of their offices: online.

With five breakout sessions and three co-presenters, my task was […]