Nearly a year ago, I set out on adventure with ON:SUBJECT. The mission: To help worldchanging organizations communicate better. Armed with a brand-new copy of Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting and only scant knowledge of business in Belgium, I wanted to build on my hands-on experience in nonprofit and sustainability communications and help my clients get more bang for their bucks by looking at communications strategically.

Did it work? Well, I’ll leave this assessment to my clients – they look pretty happy to me (and they pay their bills without complaint). In total, my seventeen clients gave me a bit more than 25.000 EUR for consulting work, facilitation and one-on-one advice. My ambition for 2012 is to go higher, but I’m quite happy with this figure as a start.

I’m also really amazed when looking at my list of clients. I set out to work with worldchanging organizations, and boy, do these folks change the world:

I’m so happy to be working with you!

Nobody tells you what a learning journey it is to start your own business. My inner learning junkie is happy to have discovered that:

  • my French is good enough to teach a class – and Dutch now officially survives a conversation.
  • I thrive when I’m working with directly with people – and training as a coach is a good complement to my work as a facilitator and consultant.
  • I now know how to navigate the Belgian bureaucracy to start a business.
  • working for yourself needs constant experiments with time management.
  • there are people around me that support ON:SUBJECT. Special thanks go to:
    • Frits Hesselink for the invitation to the CBD Capacity Building workshop in Vilm,
    • Christina Jordan for the invitation to the Ashoka Changemakers’ Week in Paris,
    • Marcello Palazzi for the invitation to the Tällberg Leader Programme in Sigtuna,
    • Edward Kellow for the collaboration on the LEAD Europe Session in Brussels,
    • Debuut for keeping my back free, the Hub for the office away from home,
    • and the Kitchen Table Program for guilt-free accountability and goofing off.

What next year will bring? We shall see it then. For now:

What did you learn last year? What did you appreciate about ON:SUBJECT?
Do you have any wishes for 2012?


A Sparkling Revue for 2011
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One thought on “A Sparkling Revue for 2011

  • 14 January 2012 at 18:24

    Thanks to you for sharing wonderful ideas and energy! Keep it up and look forward to hearing more in 2012. Happy new year from Canada, Michelle


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