Practice Notes: The Workshop Book

When I facilitate, I take notes. Lots of notes. I come with a set of notes, including the workshop design and process plans. I have checklists for the preparation of the venue. During the meeting, I jot down notes, names, observations. At the end of each day, I review the process, adjust the original design and rephrase questions. Over the years, quite a stack of these notes had assembled in my cabinet.

After a good organising session, I am now proud to present: The Workshop Book. It contains agendas, notes and feedback for most workshops I’ve hosted in the past years. For my fellow stationery addicts (and particularly Gillian), here’s how it looks like:

In addition I have a loose-leaf collection of workshops and tools that are not connected to any individual workshop.

How do you archive your random (but precious and useful) workshop notes?

Practice Notes: The Workshop Book
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One thought on “Practice Notes: The Workshop Book

  • 12 October 2014 at 14:05

    Hi Wiebke, Nice! I also use the Atoma files extensively, but have not yet invested in a punch, maybe I should! I also have many files with my various notes and do find myself reusing them. In fact, they fill a huge file cabinet after working in this field for so many years. I am about to digitize them so I can search them. That is one thing that might be a next step for you, in addition to the physical artifacts, you might consider putting them into something like Evernote (that is my own next step) with tags that say “Agenda”, “Notes” year etc. Then you can carry all your valuable notes with you on your ipad 🙂 I will probably never get rid of my paper copies, as I am a fan of the physical, but it is hard to search once you get a big stack of them!


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