Retrospectives: a cocreated toolkit

What can facilitators learn from agile retrospectives for our own practice and debriefings? Last week, Karen Schmidt, Edith Steiner-Janesch [1] and I co-hosted a workshop on this topic during the European IAF Conference in Milan.

Retrospectives? Why, what, how?

We first introduced agile retrospectives as part of an iterative life cycle, based on the book “Agile Retrospectives” by Esther Derby and Diana Larsen.

Retrospectives as part of an iterative lifecycle

Together with everyone, we then explored related terms in other contexts and discussed why, when and with whom we conduct these learning sessions.

A cocreated toolkit

We then split in small groups to cocreate a toolkit for teams that want to do retrospectives. Each group identified a set of methods spread across the phases of a retrospective and described them using a simple template.

In the end, we had collected 30 different methods across the five phases of a retrospective.


A big thanks to CoCreativeFlow, the IAF Conference team and all participants for this fun experiment!

[1] Edith unfortunately couldn’t join us in person in Milan, but was instrumental in the preparations (and created the beautiful templates).

Retrospectives: a cocreated toolkit
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