logo2Get unstuck and build momentum.

It’s not easy to change the world, and it can feel like banging your head against brick walls for much of the time. Those of us that just keep going despite all odds often make acquaintance with burnout and exhaustion, and those of us that scale back easily feel powerless and resigned.

The best cure against the stuck is to acknowledge it, reach out and connect with others. You can’t force momentum, but you can tap into the amazing hidden potential that is already there.

We help you build your capacity to take action and inspire others to create momentum for sustainability.

What we do

  • Coaching & advice – Whether you’re feeling stuck with a particular project, your organization or your career, we can show you the tools you need to re-find your energy and get going again.

  • Training – In the past decades, social movements have learned a lot about what makes campaigns, projects and changemakers effective and impactful. We provide custom learning experiences for teams and training programmes.

  • Speaking – We love to share stories and frameworks about inspiring communications, engaging meetings and powerful projects to create momentum for sustainability.