Project: Knowledge Management at NALAS

2014-09-11 13.03.462014 | NALAS & GIZ

The Network of Associations of Local Authorities in South-East Europe (NALAS) brings together 16 associations representing roughly 9000 local authorities. Established in 2001, NALAS’ objective is to effectively leverage knowledge and information throughout its network to increase the quality of local governance in South-East Europe and thus contribute to democracy and regional stability.

This work is supported by a number of local Knowledge Management Assistants (KMAs) who facilitate knowledge generation, information exchange and dissemination of knowledge. For their 2014 Annual Meeting, NALAS commissioned ON:SUBJECT to develop and deliver a half-day training module to further develop the professional capacities of its KMAs, especially regarding the fundamentals and principles of knowledge management, its key concepts, methods and tools.

The highlights: balancing connection and collection, the miracle of behaviour change and collaboration vs. politics. Knowledge is Power.

[slideshare id=39185076&doc=kmworkshoplow-140917043925-phpapp01]

Project: Knowledge Management at NALAS

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