ON:SUBJECT is a consultancy focused on creating momentum for sustainability. Our mission is to help you thrive on a healthy planet.

We support a range of European projects and national and international non-profit organizations with strategic communications and process design. Our specialty is to help you address complex sustainability issues and seemingly intractable communications challenges.

Together with you, we design processes that lead you step-by-step closer to your goal. Our solutions build on the greatest communications tools of our time: the internet – and human ingenuity. We work in collaboration with expert communicators, facilitators and designers to meet your needs.

Our services: inspiring communications, engaging meetings, powerful projects – online and offline.


++ Multi-stakeholder processes ++ Sustainability standards ++ Virtual collaboration ++ Communications strategy ++ Biodiversity conservation ++ Participatory strategic planning ++ Digital rights ++


Wiebke Herding, Managing Director

As a facilitator and communications consultant, Wiebke helps mission-based organizations create momentum for sustainability. She is the founder and director of the change consultancy ON:SUBJECT, focusing on inspiring communications, engaging meetings and powerful projects. Her clients range from campaigning organizations and engaged businesses to governmental institutions and UN agencies.

Before serving as head of communications for international environmental organisations like IUCN and the ISEAL Alliance, she was engaged as a young leader in the German environmental and anti-nuclear movement. In addition to an MSc in Computer Science, she later trained as a coach and completed a marketing degree.

Wiebke is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator since 2012 and served on the board of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). She is passionate about building agency for the great transformation, and loves making things – be it beer and bread or furniture and textiles.


→ Wiebke Herding on LinkedIn

Partners and Collaborators

Marcus Andreas

Marcus is a facilitator and process designer with a knack for multi-stakeholder processes for meaningful climate action. He combines a background in anthropology and education with solid project management skills – always keeping an eye on how to make space for learning and engagement.

→ Marcus Andreas on LinkedIn

Juliane Nier

Juliane brings her experience of adult learning, multi-stakeholder process design and facilitation, and climate change to tackle complex challenges. Together with the professional collective Edge Effects, she is imagining and co-creating sustainable futures through facilitating learning and leadership processes and programmes.

→ Juliane Nier on LinkedIn

Maartje Gorte

Maartje is our go-to person for copy-editing and proofreading and proper use of the English language in general. She’s got a particular talent for making technical language and complex circumstances accessible and understandable.


Lara Schmelzeisen

Lara is one of our favourite co-facilitators. She writes: “I believe that human connection and conversation is precious. I believe that we all deserve more play, fun and colour in the world of work. I believe that appreciative listening is the key to creating the future we want.” More often than not, you can find her with colourful pens and paper – listening and drawing conversations.

Lara Schmelzeisen on LinkedIn

Karen Schmidt

Karen is a whirlwind of ideas and enthusiasm. With her background in e-learning, project management and change facilitation, her mission is to bring joy to complex challenges and organizations. With her project canvas she creates a playful environment for project planning in groups.

→  Karen Schmidt on LinkedIn

Sabine Soeder

Sabine began as an architect and combined her design thinking with organizational strategic thinking in business in 2007. The main focus of CoCreativeFlow is on developing inviting and empowering spaces for, with and between people – in workflows, meetings, special events, conferences and workshops.

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