Is this you? 

You’re working on an important initiative in your organization. The new strategic plan, for example; a project that could reframe everything you do or that network that could take your impact to a new scale.

You have some ideas on how this initiative could unfold, and some big questions you’ve yet to resolve. Unfortunately, not everybody seems to be on the same page yet – but they all have their own opinions. You know exactly that you can only succeed if you manage to generate some excitement around your ideas.

Meetings can create momentum

Too many meetings are designed to stifle participation: Even though the room is full of bright, insightful people, there are rambling presentations, prepared in a haste, followed by a desultory call for comments. People wait for statements from their higher-ups before forming their own opinion. Someone takes notes of everything said, but because the meeting’s objective was too vague (e.g. ‘get feedback on the project‘), these disappear in a drawer soon after the meeting, never to be seen again.

The power of participation

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to talk about important questions without being bogged down by politicking and short-term interests? To really tap into the wisdom that is already present in your organization? To listen together and build a solution that everyone is excited about? Maybe it’s time to actually take meetings seriously.

Facilitation is the art of creating space for meaningful conversations with a group of people. It can help you create a shared understanding, come to an agreement or develop momentum for a course of action. In this process, a facilitator acts as a trusted and neutral guide that leads the group towards its goal while you can fully focus on the content of the discussion.

How we’ll work

I love applying facilitation techniques to seemingly intractable problems: You’d be surprised how much collective wisdom already exists in your group! I’ve started facilitating meetings a decade ago and can bring plenty of experience to the table. My favourite facilitation tools include:

  • Technology of Participation: Focused Conversation / Consensus Workshop
  • World Café
  • Open Space
  • Gamestorming

No matter whether your event takes place in six days or six months, you can always use the form below to get some input or contact me to arrange an initial brainstorming.

Depending on your needs, I’ll be happy to help you with:

  • Clarifying your goals for the meeting (or longer process);
  • Defining the agenda and flow of the meeting;
  • Thinking through logistics and preparatory material;
  • Choosing and adapting facilitation tools that encourage engagement and participation;
  • Identifying powerful questions to channel the energy of the group;
  • Leading through the session, balancing time, energy and results; and
  • Harvesting the outcomes of the meeting in a clear and engaging way.

Through the ON:SUBJECT network, we can also assemble a facilitation team or recommend practitioners for special needs.