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Stuck? Simple tools for clarity and decisions

Decision making can be hard. When we’re working with a group or an organization on complex issues that really matter to us, it gets even harder: no analysis will ever be complete, and no possible approach will ever be perfect. Instead of getting stuck in endless discussions, here are a few steps that can help:

  1. Start in your own circle of influence. While you might want to change the entire system, it’s a lot easier to take action yourself (or with your immediate group of peers) than to get others to do things differently. What can you do about the issue you see? Who do you need to get on board to start?
  2. Prioritise momentum over completeness. While it’s hard to predict the full journey, the first steps are often clear. Use these as leverage points to start moving – and improve the plan from there. What is good enough for now? What is safe enough to try?
  3. Build in learning loops. Small steps lead to big change when they build on one another and the learning on the way. Be explicit about your assumptions – and schedule regular reviews so that you can correct the path as needed. What are you hoping to achieve? How will we know we’re on the right path?
  4. Dare to make proposals. Especially when a group is paralysed by complexity, you can help them by structuring what you hear and make specific proposals on how to proceed. That makes it easier for everyone else to respond and focus. What would you choose if you had to decide on your own? What is important here?

ON:SUBJECT provides custom training and facilitation to help your organization take better decisions in complex environments. Interested? Let’s talk.

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